YouTube & You
July 8, 2015

Launching Our Journey


YouTube is an online video service with thousands of educational videos, teacher-created content, and videos produced by students.  Due to its sheer volume and global audience YouTube is quickly becoming the digital media commons of the world.  Not sure about that?  Check out this video.

Classroom Use
  • Find free educational content from prominent channels, such as PBS and Smithsonian, or created by teachers like you.
  • Generate your own content.
  • Leave video lesson plans
  • Publish student work
  • Curate playlists
  • Archive work
PreWork - Chrome Apps & Websites that will Make Your Life Easier
Step 1 - Finding Great Videos on YouTube
  • YouTube Classroom 
    • Videos Google has highlighted for educational use. 
  • YouTube Teachers
    • Playlists curated for teachers to use with their students.
  • TED Ed
    • A project created by TED specially focused on K-12 education. TED Ed actually contains a structure where teachers can take a video and turn it into a lesson "flip." However, all of the videos are hosted on YouTube, so TED Ed is a nice place just to find videos as well.
  • Tailor Your Search Using Keywords and Commas
    • Let's say you want new, high-definition science videos. You can easily find those by adding commas. ex: science, partner, new, HD 
  • Additional Places to Look 
    • YouTube Time Machine - Find a video from a specific time period. 
    • Local News 
    • Other websites - many use YouTube as an embedding service
Step 2 - Creating Your Own Playlists
Digital Challenge #1 - Create a playlist of five videos you plan on using the first month of school. Once created post your playlist here. 

Step 3 - Creating Your Own Videos
  • Movie-Making - Use an Actual Camera
    • Smartphones
      • Record -> Upload to YouTube
    • Video Cameras
      • Record -> Bring into Computer -> Upload to YouTube
    • Computer Webcams
      • Record -> YouTube
    • Helpful Video Tips
Digital Challenge #2 - Create a video using any tool of your choice. Once the video has been created, upload it to YouTube and post the link to your video here.

International Vistor - André Spang  (Morning Session)

Additional YouTube Resources

YouTube Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Lessons, videos, and additional materials for using YouTube in the Classroom. Fantastic resource for anyone teaching film, media, or digital writing.

YouTube Tutorials

Creating a YouTube Account
Uploading YouTube Videos
Embedding YouTube Videos into Websites
Creating a YouTube Playlist
Creating Screencasts Using a Mac and YouTube
Adding Annotations to YouTube Videos
Creating Videos with YouTube Editor
YouTube Video Editor - Printable

Cool Channels & Videos to Check Out

STEMbite - A series of short math and science videos created by a science teacher and his Google Glasses.
Writing Felonies - Things that make English teachers very angry!
PBS Off Book - PBS series that explores cutting edge art, internet culture, and the people that create it.
Science Show - Interesting science video podcast.
Vi Hart - Math in action!
Veritasium - Science videos from atoms to astrophysics.
Crash Course - World History
Crash Course - Biology
Bozeman Biology - Also chemistry and physics lessons.
Minute Physics - Physics concepts explained in just a few minutes
Spangler Effect - Steve Spangler in action. Also check out Sick Science and Spangler Science.
Hip Hughes American History - American history lessons.
Spanish is Your Amigo - New Spanish lessons twice each week.
World Language Videos - Spanish, French, and German!
Need More? Make the kids find them for you.