Out of this World - Uncovering Maps & Earth

Challenge #1 - Google My Maps

google.com/mymaps or drive.google.com

How to Get There
  • Now: http://www.Google.com/MyMaps
    • Note: This is something that must be turned on by your domain administrator. If not working today just use a personal Gmail account.
  • Future-ish: Go to Drive -> New -> My Map (Started for most people July 1st)
Why Use These?
  • Chromebook-friendly
  • Can be created collaboratively
  • Import data 
    • Step 1 - Create a Google Form 
      • Helpful Hint - One of the fields must be a location (address, city, state, etc)
    • Step 2 - In My Maps, create a map
      • Choose Import
      • Import the spreadsheet linked to the form.
Getting Started
Digital Challenge #1
Create a collaborative Google Map you and your students could construct on the first day of school about places they visited over summer break or would like to visit on a future vacation. For your example place mark create make sure you have text and an image.

Challenge # 2 - Tour Builder

Tour Builder (tourbuilder.withgoogle.com)
A web-based version of Google Earth built to create and share stories. Works on Mac or Windows computers and requires the Google Earth Plugin. Tours are created by one author. Note: May work better in Safari or Firefox than in Chrome.

Tour Builder Examples
Worried You'll Forget the Steps?
Digital Challenge #2
Create a TourBuilder project of your life with at least three different place marks. For each location include at least one photo or video, along with text.

Challenge # 3 - Google Earth

Google Earth (Desktop Software)
Works very similar to TourBuilder, but has additional resources in the Layers section that can be used to enhance your stories. Works on Mac or Windows computers with Google Earth software installed.

Google Earth Examples
Worried You'll Forget the Steps?
Google Earth Pro
Recently made free for all users. Provides a few additional features including higher resolution printing, the ability to import spreadsheets of addresses, and measure in 3D. 
Digital Challenge #3
Create a Google earth curricular project with at least three locations. For each place mark make sure you have text and an image.